Breakout Sessions

Get up close and personal with Roblox experts in Design, Business, and Technical tracks. Developers may attend as many sessions as they like; space does not need to be reserved in advance.



All Design Track Sessions will take place at the Sequoia A room.

All Business Track Sessions will take place at the Cypress room.

All Technical Track Sessions will take place at the Sequoia B room.


45 minute session

Design Track

Future of Avatar

An in-depth overview of the new technologies, developer capabilities, and player experiences currently in development and planned for Roblox avatars over the next couple of years.

Matt Brown, Senior Director of Product, Avatar
Stephen Jobe, 3D Art Manager

Business Track

Grow your Game with Analytics (and Playfab)

This basic introduction to analytics for games will equip you with techniques utilized by best in class companies to make better decisions and happier players.

Jeff Maher, Director of Product, Growth

Technical Track

Lua as Fast as Possible

Learn about the upcoming Lua performance improvements and how to make your Lua code more efficient.

Arseny Kapoulkine, Technical Fellow, Client Engine


25 minute session

Design Track

Developing Immersive Worlds

Can you improve your current or future game maps? Is your current map lacking that exciting touch it deserves? Come listen in on a variety of ways to improve the aesthetics of your map designs! 

Mary Rukavina (Erythia)

Business Track

Tips for protecting you and your business

Learn how to handle and protect you and your business. 

Christine Brown, Fiduciary Trust International of California (a subsidiary of Franklin Templeton Investments)

Technical Track


Gain a deeper understanding of Roblox's physics engine, learn how to diagnose various physics issues, and build more stable and reliable mechanisms.

Jovanni Cutigni, Sr. Client Systems Engineer


25 minute session

Design Track

Lumber Tycoon Retrospective

Get insights for your projects from this exploration of the design and execution of Lumber Tycoon 2.

Josh Sheldon (Defaultio)

Business Track

World Domination through Multiple Languages Part 1

Expand user engagement and revenue by internationalizing your game through Roblox programs.

Thomas Fang, Business Operations, International Expansion

Technical Track

Effective Backend Services for Massive Connected Worlds

Learn how to effectively use Roblox’s backend services to create huge worlds and connected experiences.

Matthew Dean, Product Manager


25 minute session

Design Track

design ui for users

Ever wonder how a single UI can work across different input types and screen sizes? Come learn how to simplify UI design for you and your players.

Ben Tkacheff, Engineering Manager

Business Track

Tools for World Domination  Part 2

Learn how easy it is to use Roblox localization tools to expand your game to reach international audiences.

Peter Phillips, Engineering Manager
Shreya Ramamurthy, Associate Product Manager

Technical Track

Procedural Generation - Not Just for Terrain

Learn how to create forests, cities, and more that your players will love by utilizing procedural generation.

Stephen Leitnick (Crazyman32)

Afternoon Break 20 mins


45 minute session

Design Track

Design a Fun and Sustainable Game Economy

Learn how to model your game's economy in order to improve your game's engagement, retention and monetization.

Daniel Spaventa, Games System Designer

Business Track

Dev Studios: The Ups & Downs

From hiring the right people to navigating the legal landscape of a new company, learn from the experiences (and mistakes) of the devs behind ROLVe LLC, Vesteria, Inc. and RedManta LLC. 

Andrew Bereza, Vesteria Inc.
Alex Hicks, RedManta LLC
Chris McDonald, ROLVe LLC

Technical Track

Tools for Building Large games on Roblox

Learn about the existing and upcoming tools in Roblox Studio that enable teams to create large and complex games.

Ravi Akella, Director of Product, Studio


25 minute session

Design Track

Engage and Retain your Players FTW!

Gain advanced knowledge on techniques for retaining players from the first minute to the lifetime of your game.

Michael McHale, Director of Product

Business Track

Growing Bigger Developer Studios

Roblox as a platform has gone truly global and is continuing to grow and the competitive landscape for developers on the Roblox platform is increasing. Learn how to create partnerships with developer and grow your team.

Deepak Chandrasekaran (Sorcus), VP, Product

Technical Track


Learn about the different parts of your error messages and leverage Google Analytics and PlayFab to tackle bugs coming from your published games.

Kyler Mulherin, Mobile Developer


25 minute session

Design Track

design of networking

An overview of what and how information is shared between players and the game server. Points to think about when developing games on Roblox.

John Kerr, Engineering Manager

Business Track

Leverage the World Around You with YouTubers

Learn the value that partnering with YouTube Influencers can deliver. Learn how to better identify the right influencers for you and how to work with them to drive growth for the game experiences you create on Roblox.

Rodrigo Velloso, Director of Influencer Marketing

Technical Track

Optimizing Your Workflow with Plugins and Tools

Optimize your development workflow by extending your code out of Roblox Studio while learning GitHub and Visual Studio Code.

Nathan Riemer (Kampfkarren)


All RDC sessions & speakers are subject to change.