What is RDC?

The Roblox Developers Conference (RDC) is an invite-only event where top Roblox developers and creators gather together to celebrate community achievements and learn about Roblox’s latest announcements. This event is designed to empower you and your fellow Roblox developers with the resources, best practices, and connections to help accelerate the success of your game.

Who can attend RDC?

Attendance at RDC is by invitation only. You must be a qualified developer or creator within the Roblox community or be the parent, legal guardian, or chaperone (25 years or older) of a developer who has an invite.

Can I apply to attend RDC?

You can apply for a ticket here. Roblox will review your application and, if accepted, send an email to you with a link to purchase a ticket for the event.

What will the breakout sessions be this year at RDC?

Breakout Sessions information can be found here.

Do I need to reserve a breakout session in advance?

No, seats are available on a first come, first served basis only. We will provide a schedule ahead of the event so you can plan your day accordingly. Please arrive on time to secure a spot.

Will there be a livestream of the event?

With more and more people around the world playing and developing for Roblox, this year RDC is going global. We will have an increased online presence where attendees will be able to watch live-streamed content throughout RDC, including the keynote and breakout sessions and panels. Recorded sessions not live-streamed will be uploaded the same day, plus additional bonus behind the scenes content, interviews, and more. More details coming soon!

Will there be a Game Jam this year?

Yes! We are excited to host our 2nd annual overnight Game Jam. It begins on Saturday night after the sessions and ends on Sunday afternoon. There will be a large open space where teams can work on their games throughout the night. Food will be served at night, including breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

Can you attend RDC without an invite?

No, RDC is an invite-only event. All RDC SF attendees must have an invite or be the parent, legal guardian, or chaperone (25 years or older) of a developer who has an invite.

Will food be provided?

Yes, the cost of your RDC ticket includes all meals, snacks, and beverages starting with Friday night’s party through Sunday afternoon’s Farewell Reception.

What is a valid form of ID and what is it used for?

We need to validate the name, age, and likeness of the attendee with the invite. Valid forms of ID include anything with your name, age, and picture: Driver’s license, Student ID, passport, etc. If there is a concern with providing a valid form of ID, please reach out to registration@bash-creative.com.

Will there be Security at the event?

Yes. Roblox takes the safety and security of our developer community very seriously. In addition to having security guards onsite 24/7, Roblox will also perform preliminary safety checks of all attendees. Developers will be required to present a wristband provided at registration before entering all conference events. A bag search will also be conducted during the Friday night party.