What is a “Viewing Party”? Why is there not a full RDC in EU?

In years past, RDC EU has followed the US event by a few weeks, repeating the same content. This year, with efforts targeting internationalization, Roblox is focusing on the digital experience of RDC in a bigger, more global way. This year, RDC SF content, including sessions, keynotes, and behind the scenes footage, will be pushed live to our Global Viewing Site (link coming soon), creating a digital co-viewing experience for Roblox developers around the world. Our goal is to share the experience of RDC with as many developers as possible.

 One thing we didn’t want to miss out on is the chance for developers to connect in real life - networking, making friends, and developing new connections is one of the core pillars of RDC. The RDC London Viewing Party is a Roblox-hosted gathering for those developers who are able to make it to London, to meet up and learn about what’s new for the company and the community. We’ll be providing eExclusive RDC London sSwag, food and games, as well as bonus EU specific content presented by Roblox staff are only part of the agenda in addition to a live-streamed, real-time presentation of the US keynote presentations.

 We also encourage local developers to self-organize and extend their RDC experience beyond this single day Viewing Party. From wherever you are, plan your own Game Jam, organize local meetups, and create your own experiences - it is what you do best. Our mission at Roblox is to create the tools and frameworks for developers to build, learn, and grow. Share your experiences with us at #RDC2019

How much are tickets?

  • Developer Pass - Over 16 ($25.00): Full viewing party access. Food, drinks, and swag included. 

  • Developer Pass - Under 16 ($25.00): Full viewing party access. Food, drinks, and swag included. Must be accompanied by a chaperone.

  • Chaperone Pass ($15.00):  Full viewing party access. Food, drinks, and swag included. Must be purchased to attend with a developer under age 16.


Will there be a Hotel ticket I can purchase?

Since this is a one-day event, Roblox will not be hosting a hotel block for the RDC London Viewing Party. Developers are encouraged to make their own arrangements.

Is there an age requirement?

Developers must be at least 13 to attend RDC 2019. Any attendees under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a chaperone 25 years or older. We will be checking chaperone IDs to ensure everyone under the age of 16 is accompanied.

What is a valid form of ID?

We need to make sure that the person who purchased the ticket is the person who attends. Valid forms of ID include anything with your name, age, and picture: Driver’s license, Student ID, passport, etc. If there is a concern with providing a valid form of ID, please reach out to registration@bash-creative.com.

Will there be a Game Jam in London?

There will not be a Game Jam at the RDC London Viewing Party. We encourage developers to organize local Game Jams or other meetup experiences in their community.

Will there be security at the event?

Yes. Roblox takes the safety and security of our developer community very seriously. In addition to having security guards onsite 24/7, Roblox will also perform preliminary safety checks of all attendees. Developers will be required to present a wristband provided at registration before entering all conference events. A bag search will also be conducted during the event.